Interested in Joining?

Here's the info on joining and answers to
questions & concerns

WhiteLies Welcomes EVERYONE!

✥ ALL Genders

(boy, girl, genderfluid, just tell us your pronouns!)

✥ ALL Bodytypes 

(hourglass, plus size, skinny Minnies, bitty titties - ALL bodies are beautiful!)

✥ ALL Experience Levels

(from complete stage newbs to pros, dancers, non-dancers, etc.)

✥ ALL Ages Over 18 (International Age 19)

✥ ALL Ethnicities

(Korean, foreign, outer space alien - let's get some inter-cultural/galactical burlesque going!)

✥ ALL Personality Types 

(Shy? Bold? Cute? Dominatrix? ANY stage personality is welcome on the stage!)

But what if...

Let Us Ease Your Concerns!
Check our common Q&As below:

“What If I'm Not Comfortable Stripping?”

Never fear! Your comfort is our TOP priority! Even some of our current members do not strip. There are plenty of ways to tease & flirt on the stage that will allow you to keep whatever bits you want to keep concealed but still give you the power of embracing your sensuality!

White Lies Abbey bw.jpg

“What If I've Never Done Burlesque?”

No worries! We pride ourselves on showing you how to put your own spin on the art of tease. What better way than to start from scratch?

“What If I'm Not A Professional Performer - Or Even A Dancer?”

No problem! Plenty of our members are not professional performers, and several had never even graced the stage until joining WhiteLies! Also, despite popular belief, burlesque is not only about dancing. There are plenty of non-dance-based performances for you to own the stage with!

White Lies Mikki bw.jpg

“What If I Want To Try Burlesque But I'm Shy?”

You'd be surprised how often we hear that! We have group acts you can join so you're not alone on the stage, or perhaps you can be a stage kitty (helper) with less time in the spotlight until you feel more comfortable! We pride ourselves on helping shy performers dip their toes into burlesque waters at a rate they're comfortable with!

“What If I Can't Attend Rehearsals?”

We can probably still work with that. Nell is happy to help out on a separate schedule or via online video chats. Try reaching out to us to see what we can make work!

White Lies Alex 3bw.jpg
White Lies Christina 3bw.jpg

“What If I Come To A Rehearsal? Am I Obligated To Perform?”

Not at ALL! Come check out a rehearsal or two to see if WhiteLies is right for you!

“What If I'm Broke. Do I Have To Pay To Join?”

Just barely! Down the road when you're ready to perform, you will need to get yourself some costumes, but we only occasionally ask for 1,000 - 4,000 won from all team members to book a rehearsal studio. If things are really tight, and you have concerns about the cost, we can discuss this in private with you. It's important to remember we are not a business or company. We are a community troupe of individuals who all share a passion for burlesque! We do not charge fees or aim to gain profits from members.

White Lies Allison 2bw.jpg

“What If I DO Join? What's Required?”

A willingness to learn burlesque and to help the WhiteLies team grow! We try to share tasks among performers in the group in a way that no one is burdened with too many tasks or performance responsibilities.
We want to spread the culture of burlesque, and the best way to do that is together as a team!

"I Want In! How Do I Start?"

Contact our team leader Nell and let her know!
You can reach her through:
-Kakao ID: BugDragon

Or you can go to our "Contact Us" page through this site!


“What If I Have A Question Not Answered Here?”

Please feel free to reach out to Nell Fox. See our "Contact Us" page with your questions. We are more than happy to listen to your concerns and easy and worries you may have!